Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweet Carolinas

A recent survey from shows that cities in the West and South continue to appeal to people relocating. The data ia a good gauge of where people are moving and a sneak peak at where they will continue to move to in the future.

On a state level, the Great Lakes region continues to bleed jobs. Meanwhile, states in the West and South -- and especially North and South Carolina -- have gained and will keep gaining, according to data collected from
Economy is the primary force driving demographic shifts these days.

For every 100 people looking to move to Michigan, 210 were looking to move out of the state. Ohio saw more people wanting to leave than stay: for every 100 people looking to move to Ohio, 150 requested moving quotes to move out of state.

The biggest beneficiaries of this population displacements are North Carolina, which saw nearly 80% more moving requests to move to North Carolina than to leave North Carolina (for every 100 people requesting moving quotes to leave the state, 180 indicated they wanted to move to North Carolina).

South Carolina saw nearly 70% more moving requests to move to the state than to leave.

These types of shifts have wide ramifications for the economy as well as political representation. The federal government has recently announced that the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida would each pick up a seat in the House of Representatives.

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