Thursday, November 5, 2009

Agent Communication

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Steven said...

Hi Jessica,

My name is Steven Fender. I am a Realtor in Wilmington Delaware and I love your videos! I also love the clever use of time while driving, pretty cool. I watched you tube on unsubscribe and it is so true. I was a long time user of Realty Generator as developed by Tom Ray from Washington State. It was a real home run back then but Tom sold it to House Values a couple years ago (10 million and I dont blame him) and they have ruined it. They have a couple versions of it now, the latest called Vision. Tom would not oversell any area but these guys now just dont care at all. When you google the more popular nearby areas there are now 8 users of their product on the first 1.5 pages. Lead count is simply down down the drain. The point of this blog is to ask, if you dont mind, what website products do you prefer? Buyers want to easily search homes on the market so IDX feed is important. Email drip, like Ann was complaining about is as important. I think that with 80+ % of anyone who does anything in real estate the first thing there doing is to log on, then we must be able able to maintain that lead for the incubation period required 1-2months to sometimes years. The back end lead maintenance is critical but it has to be cost effective as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Love the videos!

Best Regards, Steven Fender