Thursday, July 8, 2010

How hard is listing agent working for you Mr Seller?

How does your listing agent handle a multiple offer situation? Make sure you know that your agent is working hard and not taking the easy route. Their number one goal should be to maximize the amount of money you make and make sure that the terms of your contract are in your best interest.
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Mike Randall said...

Jessica, great video. Nail meet hammer. Great, great job! So very true... -mr

Vicki Lloyd said...

I would be wondering if the Listing agent had his own buyer and didn't want to take a chance on another buyer beating his out.

I've seen listing agents present multi-offers to their sellers, and tell them that the higher offers wouldn't appraise, so they needed to take their buyer's offer!

Jessica Riffle Edwards said...

That is terrible! I did not think about that possibility but you could be right. That is crazy about not taking higher offers because they wouldnt appraise. That agent needs to be fired!