Friday, July 31, 2009

Lenders reputation or lack of can tell you the bigger story, not what they promise.

When deciding on a lender for you home purchase it is important to keep in mind the reputation, or lack of, that the lender has. Often choosing someone who will cut fees and agrees to this and that, etc, that other lenders will not comes back to bite you at the closing table....if you get that far. Too many times when someone goes with the person who cuts this and that and promises all these things ends up coming to a hault half way through the process when the lender all of sudden says "oh, well that wont actually work, or we can't actually get that rate or do this bc of whatever". You want a lender who is reputable and more importantly someone who will get you exactly what they told surprises and no oopsie's. Save $300 today maybe cost you $3000 before the process is over.

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